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History of Microgreens
From Ancient Roots to Modern Delights

Microgreens, those tiny and flavorful seedlings of various vegetables and herbs, are now used everywhere, and Greeneration is proud to deliver these fresh microgreens straight to their customers' kitchens. Loved for their bright colours, intense flavours, and health benefits, these little greens have a history that goes way back to ancient times. Let’s take a look at the fascinating journey of microgreens, from their early days to their modern popularity, especially in Dubai, where using local ingredients and sustainable practices is all the rage.

Ancient Beginnings: The First Microgreens

Microgreens have been around for ages. Ancient Chinese records from over 5000 years ago show that the Chinese were among the first to grow and eat sprouts and young greens. They loved them for their taste and health benefits.In ancient India, people used young plants in Ayurvedic medicine, recognizing their health perks and including them in their diets. The ancient Egyptians also valued young plants and herbs, using them in their daily meals.

Middle Ages to Renaissance: Microgreens in Europe

During the Middle Ages, the use of young herbs and greens spread across Europe. Monasteries grew various herbs and young plants for cooking and medicine. This practice continued into the Renaissance when the interest in plants and natural remedies resurfaced all across the continent.

The 20th Century: Microgreens Go West

The modern idea of microgreens started to form in the late 20th century, specifically in the United States and Europe. Top-tier chefs began to experiment with these tender plants, loving their look and taste. By the 1980s and 1990s, microgreens had become a staple in high-end kitchens, praised for their unique textures and flavours.

Microgreens in Dubai: A Modern Favourite

Recently, Dubai has embraced the microgreens trend, incorporating these vibrant greens into its diverse culinary scene. Microgreens are making their way into authentic Emirati cuisine, adding a modern twist to traditional dishes. Their bright flavours and health benefits make them perfect for local recipes, enhancing meals while staying true to Emirati culinary roots. The city’s focus on innovation, luxury, and sustainability has made microgreens a popular choice for chefs and food lovers alike. Locally grown microgreens in Dubai are super fresh and high quality, delivered directly from farm to table, making them a key part of sustainable dining.The history of microgreens shows their lasting appeal and versatility. From their ancient beginnings in China and India to their modern popularity in Dubai’s culinary scene, microgreens continue to win over chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.

At Greeneration, we’re proud to be part of this rich history, offering sustainably grown microgreens and edible flowers that boost the flavour and sustainability of your meals. Our vertical farms in Dubai ensure our produce is always fresh, cutting down on long-distance shipping and reducing our carbon footprint. Experience the modern delight of microgreens and enjoy the best local ingredients Dubai has to offer with Greeneration. Whether you’re looking to buy microgreens or order edible flowers, be sure to make Greeneration your go-to source for fresh, sustainable produce.