High-end vertical farm in Dubai

We grow and consistently supply premium edible flowers, microgreens & specialities

1-day delivery in Dubai

The longest shelf-life for the biggest variety of greens — we cut and deliver on the same day

Clean, crispy, rot-free & ready to eat

Uncompromised hyperlocally grown quality: no soil or damage by insects, no pesticides, & excellence of delivery

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We provide a variety of high-quality, flavorful greens and flowers that allow them to bring their creative vision to life
Restaurant Supply Managers
Our reliable and stable supply ensures uninterrupted operation and supply of quality and unique greens
Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Our fresh and beautiful products add that extra touch of elegance to your dishes, making each plate a work of art

Сhain Stores

We are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring on-time deliveries and competitive pricing

Our premium greens are grown for those who are passionate about creating exceptional culinary experiences

Reasons to order products from Greeneration

No pesticides & insect damage

We grow produce in the closed controlled environment — strictly perfect temperature, light, air conditions. We don’t use any chemicals on the greens.
Clean, crispy, rot-free & ready to eat
We grow without soil due to cutting-edge hydroponic solutions and use constant UV-light sterlisiation under HACCP = best quality
of herbs for the chefs.
1-day lead time & free delivery
Order in a convenient way: whatsapp, email, website. If it’s urgent – we got you! We arrange the fastest next-day delivery right to the kitchen.
Largest customisable variety of greens
We have the largest variety of edible flowers and specialities in the UAE. You can also customize the greens or packaging. Or even request a rare crop.

We are a leading farm-to-kitchen supplier with vast experience in competitive dining scenes

We specialize in the cultivation and distribution of gourmet edible flowers, microgreens and specialities for chefs of fine dining restaurants, hotels, caterers and bars alike.

We don’t stop there: we’re committed to providing the widest range of high-end herbs in the UAE. We understand that the quality of the ingredients is paramount in creating a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests — that's why we have brought together only true professionals.

We are proud to hold the HACCP certificate, ensuring our best quality standards in growing and distribution from our high-tech farm to your kitchen.
Farm-to-kitchen hyperlocal next-day delivery, because we want to bring you greens with the longest shelf life
Choose the products you would like to order and contact us directly for a custom order.
We will deliver on the same day of harvest, according to your preferred shipping method and ensure to be on time.
Specify the volume and the desired delivery date with your manager. We can accommodate both small and large orders.
Our team will harvest your order in the morning and pack it with care to ensure the products arrive fresh and intact.
At every step of the way, our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and high-quality products. Contact us today to get a quote and learn more about our products!
We proudly supply to
Our produce are carefully selected for their taste and appearance, making them a perfect addition to any dish



Young, nutrient-rich vegetable greens harvested a few weeks after germination, valued for their intense flavors and nutritional content

Edible flowers

Flowers that can be consumed safely, adding color, flavor, and visual appeal to culinary creations

Speciality greens
Edible leaves, an assortment of rare and spicy cross with a bright and stable aroma and taste to varying degrees
Baby leaves
Tender young leaves of lettuce and other leafy vegetables

Culinary creations of our customers

Greeneration academy
All-in-one sustainability training solution for schools and universities
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