All-in-one sustainability training solution
for schools and universities
Why are school gardens so cool
A powerful learning tool that provides real learning for pupils of all ages
An exciting and conscious adventure for school children
Happy parents who want to instill sustainable practices and respect for the environment in their children
Online digital platform with 100+ hours of sustainability content
Supports in-timetable and extra-curricular teaching and learning across multiple KG-12 subjects and disciplines, providing schools with a flexible ‘menu’ of lessons to choose from.
Installation and service of hydrophydroponic systems
Provides on-site hydroponics and an easy-to-integrate curriculum for schools to incorporate sustainability-focused learning alongside in-school growing activities.
Curriculum Overview
This content can be used in any sequence, by any teacher, in any timetabled lesson or school activity. Satellite modules are designed to give multiple teachers the utmost flexibility, and to support their existing schemes of work and learning objectives
Growing our garden
A step-by-step, weekly guide to growing fresh, local food at school using your indoor AgTech
Explore 6 thematic topics, offering a mix-and-match menu of lessons and learning engagements that drive sustainability education across subjects. 
Satellite modules
Unlock sustainable lifestyle
What opportunities for more sustainable living are afforded by new Technologies, approaches, and innovation?
Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
As environmental stewards, how can we reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink our consumption?
Reinventing agriculture
As our natural environment changes, what might the future of food production look like -on this planet, or another?
Humanity’s impact on our planet 
How can humans ensure planet Earth will sustainably support current and future generations?
Eating with the sense
How can we smell, taste, and cook our way to healthy, food literate communities?
Interactive Learning Activities
Online digital platform
Easy to use (web version, adaptive mobile version). Works from the cloud with secure accounts for teachers and students.
24/7 online support
Technical specialists and teachers-practitioners always stay in touch
Mixed learning format
We prepare notes and tips for educators, video tutorials, webinars, online cases, offline meetings, course projects, practical tasks and tests, assessment mechanisms, community challenges
Localized curriculum (K-12)
Developed by former UAE education practitioners
Professional studio quality videos
Offline workshops
and training
Indoor and outdoor hydroponic system for your educational institution
Your indoor garden only needs 1 square meter of space. Easy-to-follow instruction manual and assembly in less than 3 hours.
You can grow different varieties of herbs and leafy greens, Kohlrabi, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and edible flowers throughout the school year – for yourselves and for your community.
It allows you to produce food all year round, using less land and water, and emitting less greenhouse gas than traditional farming methods.
Over the course of ten weeks, you will learn how to plant, germinate, maintain, and harvest your own greens indoors at school.
Easy To Use, Easy To Enjoy
Deliver program orientation and curriculum integration workshops to teaching staff, helping to map satellite module content to learning frameworks
Onboard teachers to the digital platform for access to all content and materials
Conduct hands-on AgTech training in preparation for using your garden(s)
Help plan where to put your garden(s), and how to manage your growing
Deliver and assemble your indoor garden on-site at school
Provide your Grow Kit, containing all equipment and materials needed to farm at school.
Provide support from our AgTechnicians for any garden troubleshooting, and deliver refills of consumables for your garden(s)
Prior to program launch, we will:
Throughout the school year, we will:
Sustainable Futures
best offer
  • Access to the educational platform
  • Hydroponic units x2
  • Program materials (7 modules, 100+ hours)
  • Program orientation sessions for school staff
  • AgTechnician visits per academic term
  • Termly refill of consumables
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Who we are
Greeneration is a local company whose global mission is to solve
the problems of providing food for a growing population.
3500+ graduates (including children) who transformed their approach to nutrition and perspective on the world
3 years of continuous work on the Eastern European market
37 students who established their own businesses in city-farming
Over 100 individuals who secured jobs in the industry
Collaboration with 3 top agro universities
Urban farming laboratories for educating schoolchildren and students
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