Storing Specialty Greens, Microgreens, Baby Leaves and Edible Flowers:
5 Important Rules You Need to Know
High cuisine is an art that demands attention to every detail. The use of rare varieties of greens, microgreens, baby leaves and edible flowers has become an integral part of the creative process for the chefs at Dubai's finest restaurants. However, preserving the freshness and quality of these unique ingredients plays a decisive role.

At Greeneration, we strive to grow and provide the best natural products. We've decided to share with you five important aspects of properly storing specific types of greens and cut goods.

Rule 1: Optimal Storage Conditions

Maintaining the freshness of herbs is important, and ensuring optimal storage conditions is key. Agronomists at Greeneration have identified the recommended temperature for microgreens and edible flowers to be between 3 and 7°C. This helps preserve their appearance, aroma, and nutritional properties for as long as possible.

Rule 2: Proper Packaging

Choosing the right packaging is essential. We use special containers without holes for air circulation. The absence of contact with oxygen helps preserve the beneficial qualities and extend the shelf life of specialty greens and cut products.

Rule 3: Shelf Life

Our partners at Greeneration are aware that we ship our products in two formats: in special punnets and in cut form. Prioritizing product quality, we accompany each order with storage condition labels. Cut specialty greens, baby leaves, and microgreens can be stored for 1 to 2 weeks, provided the prescribed rules are followed.

The shelf life of products in punnets can reach 2-3 weeks. However, it's necessary to observe two important storage conditions for punnet products: firstly, the punnet should not be placed in the refrigerator, and secondly, the punnet contents should be periodically watered.

Rule 4: Preparation before Storage

Before storing greens, Greeneration specialists recommend avoiding any cleaning of microgreens and cut goods. Any contact with water or physical impact on the produce can affect its shelf life.

To avoid unnecessary dirt and harmful microorganisms, our agronomists exclusively grow produce on rock wool. Our specialists monitor the clean root nutrition of all plants on our modern farms. The technology also excludes direct irrigation and any impurities, ensuring all our products are perfectly clean and ready to be used in the cooking and beverage-making processes at Dubai's best kitchens.

This approach to food production allows us to take pride in the purity and quality of our product deliveries to companies in the UAE.

Rule 5: Choosing the Right Supplier

We accompany our products with storage recommendations to ensure our prospective clients receive all the necessary information. We consider our expert method in cultivating specialty greens and cut goods, as well as our care for the produce from its inception to delivery, to be the right strategy. Therefore, being a partner of Greeneration means having confidence in products for your business. In our view, this is the most essential rule!

We are delighted to share with you an extensive catalog featuring unique products from our own farm. Greeneration specialists offer only high-quality and perfectly clean produce to ensure convenient storage, minimal maintenance, and ease of use in the hands of high cuisine professionals. Being an honest and responsible manufacturer and supplier, Greeneration sets a new gold standard for companies in Dubai!