Greeneration Unveils Innovative Food Hub in Dubai
Greeneration, a pioneering horticulture company specializing in cultivating rare crops and sourcing ingredients for the HoReCa industry, has officially launched in Dubai, bringing a diverse range of high-quality, locally grown products to the UAE's dynamic culinary landscape.
In the heart of the UAE, a gastronomic revolution is unfolding. Greeneration proudly unveils our state-of-the-art rare crop production facility. This venture marks a significant leap towards providing chefs, Restaurant Supply Managers, Restaurants, Bars & Hotels, and Chain Stores with a diverse range of microgreens that stand out for their unparalleled quality and freshness. We established it by a team of seasoned professionals with a rich background in the HoReCa and agriculture sectors, Greeneration has set its roots in the heart of Dubai Industrial City.
We boast an expansive farm in Dubai, covering thousands of square meters in Dubai Industrial City. Designed meticulously by leading agro engineers and food production professionals, our state-of-the-art facility features a certified multi-layer hydroponic system adhering to ISO standards, ensuring the utmost quality and safety. Embracing cutting-edge techniques, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), our facility utilizes dozens of sensors that collect data, feeding into our generative AI application. This AI refines insights, guiding our team in adjusting growing recipes and managing current cohorts based on real-time observations.
As we expand our unique crop selection, We are set to introduce medicinal herbs, berries, and ginseng sprouts. Committed to exceeding expectations, we are ready to accommodate requests for rare greens desired by our valued clients. With our round-the-clock service, Greeneration ensures the prompt delivery of the freshest crops, underscoring our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Greeneration's launch in Dubai heralds a new era of culinary possibilities, allowing chefs to elevate their dishes with the finest ingredients. From vibrant microgreens to delicate edible flowers, Greeneration's product range is designed to inspire creativity and enhance dining experiences.