Greeneration Cultivate Sustainability Through Education
Greeneration is dedicated to expanding its activities. Our company's specialists possess extensive knowledge and experience that we aim to share with the world. We understand the importance of instilling a love for the environment and promoting ecological care from an early age. That's why we're excited to announce our latest venture: the launch of Greeneration Academy!

Education is a top priority for the UAE government and the people of Dubai, offering youth the opportunity to learn and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. In support of this direction, we offer accessible knowledge and skills necessary for creating a new sustainable world.
At Greeneration Academy, our specialists are certain that education and sustainable living can be engaging and captivating. To spark children's interest in schools, we have designed specially adapted programs for children aged 3-18 in UAE educational institutions.

All of Greeneration Academy's programs have been successfully tested and received excellent feedback from educational institutions. What makes them so appealing?
What does the curriculum consist of?

Imagine children observing plants grow during school lessons, caring for them, and anticipating their first harvest. This hands-on approach instills knowledge, practical skills, and environmental care. Each lesson fills a child with excitement. Isn't this every teacher's dream?

Greeneration Academy's experts have taken special care of teachers. To conduct our proposed programs, there's no need to prepare projects, lectures, or presentations. We've taken care of everything. All materials for each lesson are assembled in a convenient format, complete with instructions for every lecture. It's a fully packaged course that easily integrates into any educational institution's extracurricular.
What do our programs offer?

A localized educational curriculum (K-12) developed by UAE education practitioners. Greeneration Academy provides the installation of hydroponic systems on the educational institution's premises for teaching schoolchildren and students.

Our specialists will handle all the installation and maintenance of hydroponic systems. We will also train teachers to use the digital platform to access all materials and content. Access is possible from any device. Choose to watch the materials online or download and print the required guides. After familiarizing themselves with the materials, teachers will be ready to conduct practical training in agriculture and gardening.
Teachers and students can grow various herbs and leafy greens: kohlrabi, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and even edible flowers. Imagine having fresh produce throughout the academic year for yourself and your community! One can already plan educational fairs at school.

We believe Greeneration Academy's new project will unlock opportunities for youth to embrace a sustainable lifestyle through new technologies. By 2024, educational institutions in the UAE will have a powerful educational tool that provides real knowledge for students of all ages!

Greeneration Academy is committed to nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious and passionate pupils and students.

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