Start your own Farm
High-quality vertical hydroponic systems
Grow Your Own Greens, Anytime, Anywhere
Compact design
Measuring just 1m wide and 1.9m tall, it will fit easily into any space and look great doing so
Wifi automation
Wifi timers automate irrigation and lighting, giving you much less to worry about
It allows you to produce food all year round, using less land and water, and emitting less greenhouse gas than traditional farming methods.
Grow more & faster
Hydroponic units allow you to grow much more in less space and harvest greens in 30% less time
The fresher the food, the better it tastes. Grow great tasting, fresh, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and pesticide-free food in your home.

Grow Almost Anything

Tender young leaves of lettuce and other leafy vegetables
Baby leaves
Edible leaves, an assortment of rare and spicy cross with a bright and stable aroma and taste to varying degrees
Specialty greens

Flowers that can be consumed safely, adding color, flavor, and visual appeal to culinary creations

Edible flowers

Young, nutrient-rich vegetable greens harvested a few weeks after germination, valued for their intense flavors and nutritional content


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